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Played by: Evan Ellingson

11: Kyle Harmon - CSI Miami

Personal Information:

Function: serving over seas
Height: 5'10
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: blonde
DOB: July 06,1991
POB: Pensacola, FL
Race: White
Marital Status: single

Abandoned by his mentally ill mother and left with his maternal grandmother until age 6 when he somehow got left in foster care system. Went through several homes until finally, at age 151/2, he got drunk and stole a boat to go for a ride out in Biscayne Bay. He is arrested and sent to Juvenile Detention center for 6 months. After his release at age 16, his probation officer is murdered by an older coworker at the restaurant where Kyle had just started to work on his rehabilitation. The other worker sets up Kyle and lies to the boy he convinces Kyle to kidnap a jail guard's wife Kathleen Newburry and that's when he finds out who his biological father is: Horatio Caine, the CSI Lietenant investigating the kidnapping. After running from the coast guard, Kyle winds up in adult prison surrounded by criminals who want to hurt him to get to his father-Kyle is himself kidnapped by criminals behind bars but his father rescues him and admits his relationship and that Kyle isn't alone anymore. He then languishes behind bars for months until the trial when his birth mother shows up and her abusive, criminal boyfriend Ron Saris kills the witness/victim of Kyle's crime so Kyle gets to go free. He chooses to go with his mother and live with her when she promises him a car and wealth. Over time he has gotten closer to his father and eventually Kyle can't babysit his emotionally high maintenance mom anymore so his dad gets him his own place to live and a job at the morgue in the same building where his dad works. Kyle finally has stability but still had an unstable mom in the picture.Until recently she was suspected of stealing pills from the deceased and threatening her exhusband Ron Saris so she went off her bi-polar medication and took a gun out in the morgue and fired on CSI Ryan Wolfe. She is then arrested but Horatio pleads her insanity case to a judge so she goes to a mental hospital to get some help. Kyle is now safely in the care and custody of his father.

Personal Demons: Emotional issues regarding being raised by multiple foster parents; major abandonment and trust issues haunt him as he tries to grow up.

Relationships: mother is Julia Eberly Winston-single at the time of his birth; father is Horatio Caine aka John Walden- Kyle was conceived while his father was undercover and that's why John W is listed on his birth certificate for the first 16 years of his life.

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