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Played By: Omar Benson Miller

13: Walter Simmons - CSI Miami
Personal Information:
Job: Day Shift CSI Level 1
Eye Color:Black
Hair Color: Black
Marital Status:

Backstory: He is part of the night shift before he joins the team in the 8 season (episode "Bolt Action"). Simmons is an easy- going guy who always gets along with his team mates. He pays close attention to detail. Simmons becomes close friends with Jesse Cardoza both on and of duty. Although he is smart; he can also be frightened easy at times. One such incident occurs when Ryan Wolfe sneaks up on him and when a bear sneaks up on them.

Personal Demons: Simmons was really upset after Jesse Cardoza died (episode "Fallen"). While Jesse is in the morgue, Simmons cleans his face and gently talks to him. He talks of how he is going to miss him. At the end of the episode, Simmons plays a game of basketball originally meant to be plays with Jesse. The rest of the team arrives at the court and together, they play in his memory.


Defining Cases (or Episodes):

Triva: Simmons is a Phoenick fan.


Walter Simmons: Get out of here, before we arrest you for extreme stupidity.
"Caged" (9.19)

Ryan: What do you got?
Walter: Possible skull fragment.
(Ryan picks it up and looks at it)
Ryan: Walter, this is a turtle shell.
Walter: Turtle shell?
Ryan: Yeah, this is a turtle shell... Those are your shoes... That's the sky...
Walter: (embarrassed) Okay, okay, go back to your quadrant.
"Bone Voyage" (9.07)

[while searching for evidence, Ryan and Walter come face to face with a brown bear]
Ryan Wolfe: You need to make yourself small and non threatening
Walter Simmons: I *can't* make myself small and non threatening!
Ryan Wolfe: Well, then, you just need to outrun the bear
Walter Simmons: I don
't need to outrun the bear - I just need to outrun you!
"Bone Voyage" (9.07)

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