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Original air date: 13 October 2003

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Episode Recap: In the midst of a Miami thunderstorm there are two young girls sleeping in their room. The older sister wakes up and finds someone standing over her bed.
Yelina and Horatio are on the scene and are told that two young girls are missing from their bedroom. Horatio believes that the younger sister may still be there and goes looking for her. He finds the five year old girl in the dryer and asks who took her sister. The little girl whispers in Horatio’s ear, “A monster.”

14 year old Lana is missing, taken from her home in the middle of the night. Calleigh, Speed, and Horatio are processing the scene. They find evidence including a purple fiber on the window sill.

Eric is outside talking to the husband about what happened.

Horatio then speaks to the wife who seems a little nervous and tells Horatio she wants five minutes with the guy who did this.

There are news shots of Lana; the media is all over this newest disappearance.

Speed is outside by the Hummer when an overeager neighbor comes to talk to him. The neighbor wants to help but Speed keeps asking him nicely to leave. Yelina tells Horatio that the neighbor is a known sex offender.

They take the neighbor in for questioning but find out he doesn’t like girls, he only targets young males. Eric and his team find an arm, they don’t know for sure whether it is Lana’s or not.

Speed gets an interesting home made video from a neighbor that has audio on the car that took Lana. Calleigh and Speed watch it and other staff members keep coming in asking for a stapler in hopes of sneaking a peek at the video. With the help from the video they discover more evidence about the car used in taking the young girl.

Alexx finds an animal tooth in the arm. Eric tells them it is an alligator tooth. Lana’s mom comes to the scene where the arm was found and keeps asking Horatio if it is her daughters. H. tells her he doesn’t know and she tells him that she had been having an affair and that when she ended it the man threatened her family.

Horatio interviews Art (the mother’s boyfriend) and they find another purple fiber like the one found at Lana’s home in his trunk. When they take him in for questioning Horatio learns that Art has night blindness and couldn’t have taken her in the middle of the night.

Calleigh goes to an old friend for help in figuring out what type of car the suspect drives. They figure it out and put out an Amber Alert on the car.

They find a hotel where the car is parked and find David Kendall with Lana. She tells them he didn’t hurt her and the team finds out that he is Lana’s tennis coach.

After talking to Lana’s parents and David Kendall Horatio finds out that Lana is really 16 years old and therefore there is nothing to charge David Kendall with. He gets to walk away. The team processes the arm and they find yet another lead to Kendall. The arm is one of a teenage girl and has signs of tennis elbow.

Eric calls in a favor from a college buddy of his: Jeff Corwin. Jeff tells them that the tooth is actually a crocodile tooth and tells them that all the crocodiles are at the power plant. Speed, Calleigh, and Eric go with Jeff Corwin and some others to look for the crocodile responsible.

Horatio finds Art and through shirts that Art has he finds the next victim of Kendall’s. Consuela. Horatio and Yelina talk to the girl’s parents and they cannot understand why the police wouldn’t help till now. Horatio has to tell them that she is dead.

Eric finds the crocodile and they irrigate its stomach and find a partial leg with a shoe on the foot. Eric walks away and Calleigh follows him. Eric is upset that they couldn’t save the girl. Eric also tells Calleigh that he is mad because the media covered the blond haired blue eyed Lana’s disappearance but no one cared when it was a Spanish girl that was missing.

Lana runs away again and her mother files a missing person’s report and tells Yelina that Lana left with David Kendall.

Calleigh ties the wire found on the girl’s leg to line that was found in David Kendall’s bag. They finally have some evidence.

Horatio goes to the Walker house where Mrs. Walker has a gun pointing at David Kendall. Horatio has to talk her out of it and then Kendall holds Lana at knife point. Horatio saves the day and arrests David Kendall.

Horatio, Eric, and Calleigh go to Consuela Valdes’s memorial service and when a reporter asks Horatio for a comment he hands the reporter a list of names of missing girls for his next story.

Body count:1/2( arm and foot)

The Crimes:

Victim(s):lana(white girl), consuela(cuban girl)

Suspect(s):tennis coach

Whodunit:tennis coach

Path of evidence:

From the field:

From the morgue:

From the lab:

Personnel issues: Eric is understandably angry when he finds that everyone wants to help the white girl, but when the cuban girl goes missing, she's marked off as a runaway. Meanwhile Calleigh is the only person who sees his frustration and show him some support.

Guest stars:

  • Virginia Madsen ~ Krista Walker
  • Joel Gretsch ~ John Walker
  • Matthew Settle ~ Art Pickering
  • Jeff Corwin ~ Himself
  • Sara Paxton ~ Lana Walker
  • Ryan Bittle ~ David Kendall
  • Tegan West ~ Willy Camp
  • Adam Carl ~ Todd Cunningham
  • Tessa Munro ~ Latina Reporter
  • Elle Fanning ~ Molly Walker
  • Elizabeth Densmore ~ Tiffany
  • Manolo Travieso ~ CSI Tech
  • Fernando Jiménez ~ Commander Medina
  • Manolo Coego Jr. ~ Francisco Valdes
  • Elena Maria Garcia ~ Milagra Valdes
  • Vince Fiorillo ~ Jake Grant

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