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This is a fanfiction about Calleigh and Eric, and their family. What happens when Eric comes home to the family after a week long confrence out of town and they aren't there? Where are the kids, and where is his wife? Read on to find out. Ya know actually I think I'm getting off topic with the whole nightmare and past thing. So I guess this whole thing will be a surprise the whole time.

Chapter 1. Leaving

"A week Eric, a week?" Calleigh asked quietly; careful not to wake Marisol or Cameron.

"Cal I have to go to the meeting, I'll only be gone for a week, and I'll call you every night, I promise." Eric reasured her and hugged her tightly.

"Eric I don't know if I can handle a week without you. Eric. I can't, I can't handle this place alone. The kids are a lot of work, and I'm pregnant and, work, and." She laid her head against his chest.

"Sh, baby. I know it's going to be hard. I'll have H stay with you, or you can go to Alexx's. And you are strong quarida, I know you can take care of 3 kids." Eric kissed her.

"Eric..STOP, I don't think I can. I don't know if you've realised but I'm pregnant and hormonal. And I can't handle 3 children, and a lab all alone." She reaised her voice mare than intended. And as soon as she stopped, a baby's cries were heard.

"Great." Calleigh murmered and walked out of the bedroom.

"CAL." Eric called after her.

"Shh Mari, baby Mamma can't keep doing this. Sweetie you have to go easy on me okay." Calleigh said with tears in her eyes, and she choked out the words. The one year old only looked at her with confussion.

"Yeah I know you don't understand me sweetie. Ya know sometimes Mommy doesn't even understand herself; or Daddy. I don't understand why Daddy would want to leave, or go to that stupid meeting. Leave us here all alone for a week. Leave Mommy with 3 kids and a lab to tend to all by herself." Calleigh choked up again. Though she didn't know, Eric was right behind her listening to every word.

He walked away without saying a word, and slipped back into bed. Not the bedroom but instead the couch; he felt Calleigh would like to sleep alone tonight.


Eric awoke to the sound of his son crying; Cameron was awake.

"Hey little man, how come Momma didn't come a get you?" Eric just realised how mean that sounded. These are his kids too, he has the same amount of responsability to them as she does.

He peered into his bedroom, and saw his wife sleeping, clinging to his pillow with tears streaked down her cheeks.

He saw her moving slightly, no wait not moving....tossing. She was having another nightmare. They hadn't exactly figured out why these nightmares had started, the docter thought that maybe they were related to her pregnancy. But Calleigh, she knew better. Now she never told Eric about what happened to her back in Darnell, and she didn't plan to. Not just yet anyway.

"Cal, Cal; sweetie I need you to wake up for me. Cal?" Nothing, no response.

"Calleigh, please sweetheart; wake up! Cal; please baby, please." Eric shook her alittle bit; that woke her up.

"ERIC! oh god what happened?" Calleigh had sweat on her forhead.

"Hey shh, shh sweetie it's alright. I'm here. You had another nightmare. Calleigh please sweetie tell me why you're having these, what are they about?" Eric pleeded.

"Eric I can't, I just can't." Calleigh burst into tears at that moment and clung to his shirt.

"Hey baby shh I've got you, you're safe. Now tell me what they're about." Eric in return hugged her tight, like he'd never let go.

She took a deep breath and swallowed the lump in her throat.

"Back in Darnell, about a year before I left. It was late one night and I decided to take the back way home. Stupidest move I've ever made, ever." At this time she choked up and almost completely lost it, but she had to tell him; so she continued. "A couple of guys were back there, and..... and I uhm...they grabbed me, and the one threw me against the wall, while the other..he uhm..he raped me, Eric." Calleigh lost it, she just broke down.

Eric was speechless, he didn't know what to say. Yeah he had worked with rape victims before. But Calleigh, she was NOT a victim, nor will she ever be a victim. How could someone do this to Calleigh, his Calleigh; the love of his life, the mother of his kids? So he just held her tightly, kissed her forehead, and put his hands around her stomach; around the baby; and they stayed like that for about half an hour to 45 minutes.

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