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Horatio and Marisol's wedding

Horatio and Marisol's too-brief relationship?

If we didn't already know Horatio Caine is a sucker for the whole victim-redeemer relationship complex, then his heart-rending relationship with Marisol Delko pretty much writes the textbook for that dynamic. Eric's lovely big sister with her battle with breast cancer and related arrest for buying marijuana on behalf of her cancer support group friends is a perfect hook for Horatio's hero-rescuer tendencies.Their subsequent courtship and marriage draft off Horatio's deft handling of her legal woes and brother's implication in tampering with evidence in his sister's arrest. (not to mention the accusation by a witness that he had also purchased drugs on behalf of his sister).
Horatio and Marisol's married bliss ended swiftly, when Marisol was shot by a Mala Noche thug, and later died from the injury she sustained. The Ride to the hospital was what really killed her.
Not surprisingly, Horatio and Eric seek revenge on Antonio Riaz, the Mala Noche boss who ordered the hit on Marisol, by following him to Brazil and stabbing him with Riaz's knife in the shadow of the Christ The Redeemer statue.

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iama100%angel How long where they married for? 9 May 5 2010, 11:41 AM EDT by ilovecsimiamisomuch
Thread started: May 21 2007, 5:42 AM EDT  Watch
me and my family think they where married for 5 minutes for an hour any ideas?
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Ryanlover#1 The relationship of Horatio and Marisol 19 Mar 30 2010, 8:58 AM EDT by queenlenna
Thread started: Nov 6 2007, 10:45 AM EST  Watch
I would say that Horatio and Marisol was a good couple.But the only thing that Horatio was way more older that Marisol and she only has supposely 28 years when she died from a bullet.I would only say that the relationship would have been more longer and much better.Marisol was the best woman for Horatio.Cause Horatio and the state attorney Rebecca Nevins that relationship didn't las long.But Horatio and Marisol was long and they did got married.
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4evaSofia Not Sexual 8 Jan 12 2010, 8:52 AM EST by maui_mandy85
Thread started: Apr 3 2007, 1:45 PM EDT  Watch
Okay lets try this again and hit the post comment and not add comment again..
I believe that Horatio and Marisol had a non sexual relationship. I believe that he loved Marisol, and that he wanted her to be happy, but with a 21 year age gap, I just don't see Horatio Caine pulling a Gil Grissom; you know sleeping with someone young enough to be his daughter.
Horatio wanted Marisol to be happy, and have all her dreams come true with someone she could trust to not hurt her. That's who Horatio is, someone who would sacrifice his ownself to make another happy.
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