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8.01 "Out of Time"
Alexx: (taking Calleigh's hands and sitting next to her) "Listen. He's young and he's strong." (nods and squeezes Calleigh's hands)
Calleigh: (tearing up and starting to cry; pulls it together and puts on a brave face) "Is he gonna be okay?" (continues to smile slightly until Alexx doesn't answer; cries as Alexx pulls her into a motherly hug)

Calleigh: (flashback) "Hey. You must be the tow truck driver."
Eric: (smirking) "I prefer automotive recovery expert."
Calleigh: (smiling) "Detective Caine asked me to come over and get the vehicle, so..."
Eric: "It's all yours. You can take it. I just have one question." (smirks) "You wanna give me your phone number now, or later?"
Calleigh: (pause; laughs) "Does that work?"
Eric: (laughs) "It works all the time...Well, most of the time." (pause) "Actually, it's never worked, but I'm gonna keep trying."
Calleigh: (smiles) "Well, I wouldn't bother with me, seriously, because I wouldn't even socialize with anyone remotely related to my job."
Eric: (putting on his shirt) "Okay. We'll see."
Calleigh: "Well, thanks a lot, Mr...?"
Eric: "Delko. Yeah, but you can call me Eric." (smirks)

8.02 "Hostile Takeover"
Natalia: (walking to the lab) "Hey Calleigh."
Calleigh: "Hey." (locking her car)
Natalia: (walking with Calleigh) "I sure am surprised to see you here. I thought you'd be takin' a personal day."
Calleigh: "Why's that?"
Natalia: (confused) "Well, didn't Eric get out of the hospital yesterday?"
Calleigh: (avoiding eye contact) "Yeah, he did. The department lawyers have advised that he and I not have any contact until the investigation into the armory shooting is closed."
Natalia: "Well, you at least got a chance to tell him that you didnt' try to shoot him on purpose though, right?"
Calleigh: (matter-of-fact) "But I did shoot at him. He was a suspect fleeing an active crime scene." (Natalia stares at Calleigh, speechless)

8.03 "Bolt Action"
Calleigh: (walking into the locker room) "Hey."
Ryan: "Hey."
Calleigh: "I hear we have a little mother/daughter love triangle goin' on."
Ryan: "Yeah. Apparently, the electricity isn't the only shocking thing about this case."
Calleigh: "You think the daughter did it?"
Ryan: "Ah, she's got motive. Nobody can back up her alibi. What about you? You guys find anything?" (Calleigh doesn't respond, but smiles slightly as Eric walks in; to Eric) "Hey! What's up man? How ya doin'?"
Eric: (shakes hands) "I'm good. Yeah, I'm good."
Ryan: "How're the headaches?"
Eric: "They come and they go, but...the meds help." (looks at Calleigh but says nothing)
Ryan: "Cool. Cool. Well, when are you comin' back to work?"
Eric: "I don't know. I"m on administrative leave until the investigation's over." (walks over to his locker by Calleigh) "Excuse me."
Calleigh: (stepping aside; quietly) "Yeah. Sure."
Eric: (closing locker and heading out) "All right. Later, Wolfe."
Ryan: "Later, man. Good to see you." (pause; to Calleigh) "What's with the big freeze?"
Calleigh: (quietly) "We're not allowed to talk . No contact until the investigation is closed."
Ryan: "And when is that?"
Calleigh: (trying to smile and failing) "Well, the interviews are today, so hopefully the nightmare'll be over, and Eric can come back to work."
Ryan: (pause; quietly) "Or you could both lose your jobs."
Calleigh: (pause) "That's not very positive." (walks out)

Calleigh: (in Interview) "The vehicle was leaving an armed robbery. It was advancing toward me rapidly. In order to protect myself and others, I took my only available option and fired."
Stetler: "And inside that vehicle were CSI Delko and Alexander Sharova, correct?"
Calleigh: "CSI Delko was attempting to do the right thing and help his father. It's the only logical explanation."
Stetler: "But on that day, he didn't alert anyone in the department, including you, to his plans."
Eric: "My plan was to accompany Alexander Sharova, my father, when he turned himself in."
Stetler: "Okay, so why did your vehicle end up in the Everglades?"
Eric: "I don't know. Doctors say that the bullet fragment in my brain shifted, causing memory loss."
Stetler: "That occurred after CSI Duquesne fired at you."
Eric: "Apparently, yeah. But she didn't hit me. The fragment was from an old injury."
Stetler: "Okay. As a police officer, Ms. Duquesne is trained to react to a perceived threat. Your vehicle must've appeared to have been a threat."
Eric: "Yeah, it must have. I trust CSI Duquesne's judgment. If she fired at the car, she didn't know that it was me."
Stetler: "Okay. So how fast would you say your vehicle was going?"
Eric: (estimating) "40, 45..."
Calleigh: "Approximately 50, 55 miles an hour. It was accelerating towards me, so I took the shot."
Stetler: "At CSI Delko, who was fleeing a crime scene with a known felon?"
Calleigh: "He appeared to be fleeing the crime scene at the time but, uh, I know now he was not."
Stetler: "You were instructed not to speak to CSI Delko."
Calleigh: "I have not spoken to him. But I know what kind of a person Eric Delko is."
Stetler: "So you maintain that you were not involved in any criminal wrongdoing or violation of agency policy whatsoever?"
Eric: "No, I wasn't engaged in any criminal activity."
Stetler: "Okay. Why would your partner, and girlfriend's, first instinct be you were aiding and abetting a felon?" (Eric smirks when Stetler says girlfriend)
Eric: "I don't know where you're gettin' your information from, Stetler." (pause) "My former partner, maybe she has some trust issues..."
Stetler: "According to your former boyfriend, you have a hard time depending on certain men in your life. Would you say that's true?"
Calleigh: (keeping a straight face) "Former boyfriend?"
Stetler: "That's how he put it."

Jesse: (to Calleigh in the lab) "IA interview didn't go well, hmm?" (Calleigh shakes her head) "Did their decision on Delko come down?"
Calleigh: (tries for a smile; fails) "I haven't heard."
Jesse: "You ever noticed that those IA guys all look alike? They've all got that square jaw. It's so weird." (gets Calleigh to smile)

Calleigh: (outside the lab; both reach for the door at the same time; laughs) "Sorry. After you."
Eric: (grins) "No. You go first."
Calleigh: (smiling up at him) "We're allowed to talk again."
Eric: (grins and nods) "Yeah. Without Stetler in the middle." (Calleigh nods; seriously) "I think he twisted a few things up."
Calleigh: "Yeah. I do, too."
Eric: "IA, uh, recommended that the state attorney's office not take the case any further."
Calleigh: (happily) "You're kidding, they're dropping it? How'd you find that out before the final report?"
Eric: (grinning) "You're gonna laugh- Twitter."
Calleigh: "Unbelievable." (smiling) "So we're workin' together again."
Eric: "Yep. I have a series of medical clearances to get first, but it looks that way, despite the fact that you...shot at me." (smirking)
Calleigh: "Well, you drove a car at me." (mock serious)
Eric: "I didn't aim a gun at you."
Calleigh: "You drove a car at me." (staring each other down; then laughing)
Eric: "Okay. Truce?"
Calleigh: "Truce..." (smiling)
Eric: "I'll see you at work?"
Calleigh: (happy) "See you at work." (glancing back at him and smiling)

8.05 "Bad Seed"
Alexx: (hugging him) "Eric! I hope you're here to take me to breakfast."
Eric: "Actually, I just got done seeing Dr. Jacobs."
Alexx: (questioningly) "So?"
Eric: (smiles) "I'm good. I'm great even. No residual brain damage from the surgery, and I start back to work immediately."
Alexx: (smiling) "That's so wonderful, honey. I'm so happy for you." (studies his face) "So why aren't you?"
Eric: "No, I'm good. I'm happy."
Alexx: "How long have we known each other, Eric?"
Eric: (grins) "What, 8, 9 years?"
Alexx: "Hmm. Long enough for you to know better than to lie to me."
Eric: (smiles; then seriously) "Look, you ever regret leaving PD?" (interrupted as an emergency comes in)

Eric: (at the lab) "Why would the suspect poison his girlfriend and then himself?"
Ryan: "Well, he wouldn't unless he pulled a Romeo and Juliet."
Natalia: "Yeah, but he was just getting ready to propose to her."
Eric: "Exactly. And the last thing they did before Lauren got sick was go out to eat. So I ran a food-borne illness tox. This is what I got." (puts the test plate on the table and shines the UV light on it)
Calleigh: (looking at the result) "Lauren tested positive for E-Coli."
Natalia: (confused) "Okay, so then she wasn't poisoned?"
Horatio: "E-Coli is poison."
Eric: "We checked with Alexx. She confirmed it. Based on how quickly this killed Lauren and put her boyfriend Ethan on life support, Alexx believes this is a new and very deadly strain."
Horatio: "And Alexx is concerned that the health agencies are moving too slow."
Calleigh: "Well, I can understand why. By the time they finish their studies, her ER is gonna be a morgue."
Horatio: "So we must find the source before another outbreak occurs."
Ryan: "Look, I don't wanna be that guy, but is this anywhere in the corner of our jurisdiction?"
Horatio: "We must investigate every death."
Eric: "E-Coli doesn't just appear. Someone allowed this to happen. Someone allowed her to die- that's negligent homicide."
Horatio: "E-Coli can only be ingested, so the first step is to find where the infected food came from." (to Natalia) "Ms. Boa Vista, we need a DNA fingerprint to track the strain."
Natalia: (standing) "I'll go pull in Valera."
Ryan: "I'll grab Walter and Jesse. We'll, uh, read up on E-Coli."
Calleigh: (looking at Eric) "Then Eric and I will go to the restaurant where they ate."
Horatio: "Now listen. We treat this as we would any other murder, okay?"
Calleigh: "Right." (Horatio walks out; to Eric with a smile) "Welcome back."
Eric: (hesitantly) "Thanks."
Calleigh: "So, how do you wanna find the restaurant?"
Eric: "I've got an idea."

Calleigh: (sitting next to him) "I haven't gotten a chance to tell you, but I was so happy you're okay." (quietly; with a smile) "I'm really glad you're back."
Eric: "I wish I felt the same." (looks up as she turns to look at him) "I watched that girl die in front of me, and now the same thing's happening to Ethan."
Alexx: (walking quickly toward them) "Eric! It's not E-Coli. Ethan doesn't have an E-Coli infection."
Calleigh: (confused) "What do you mean?"
Alexx: "We didn't find any of the bacteria in his blood. At first I thought his symptoms were the same as Lauren's, but they aren't. His heart stopped beating because he's in total paralysis. The only thing keeping him alive is the respirator."
Eric: "What do you think is causing this?"
Alexx: "I don't know. That's why I brought tissue biopsies and blood. Our lab is too slow."
Calleigh: "I'll have Walter run a tox screen." (holds out her hands for the samples)
Alexx: (as Calleigh starts off to find Walter) "Thank you, Calleigh."

Calleigh: (in the locker room; on opposite sides of a wall of lockers) "Eric?"
Eric: (surprised that she's there) "Hey Calleigh. What are you still doing here?"
Calleigh: "I just needed to catch up on some of my cases." (pause; deep breath) "So I figured out what you're doing."
Eric: "I can't wait to hear where this is going."
Calleigh: (sadly) "You're leaving CSI, aren't you?"
Eric: (slight smile; walks around the lockers to face her and puts down his bag) "You always were good at reading me." (Calleigh smiles a little with tears in her eyes) "Look, um, let's not tell anybody else, for now. 'Cause I don't feel like answering lots of questions."
Calleigh: (shaking her head; tearing up) "I wouldn't." (voice cracks) "So why are you goin'?"
Eric: (hesitantly) "A lot of reasons."
Calleigh: (trying to laugh) "Life's too short?"
Eric: (smiling) "Yeah, basically."
Calleigh: (smiling hesitantly) "And what about you and me?" (Eric looks at her intently and smiles, but doesn't answer verbally) "I guess CSI's not the only game in town."
Eric: "Like I said." (grins) "You know me too well." (steps towards her and kisses her briefly then hugs her; she holds on a little longer with tears in her eyes then steps back. Eric cups her face in his hand then turns and walks out. Calleigh watches him leave as the tears come closer to falling. Eric gets to his car and finds a note from Horatio on his windshield- "I'll always be here. H"- and grins)

8.11 "Delko for the Defense"
Calleigh: (smiling as Eric approaches) "There's our expert witness." (Eric grins)
Eric: "I'm sure you've heard: Tripp thinks I went over to the dark side."
Calleigh: "What do you think?"
Eric: "I didn't go looking for the job. Vilanni got my name off a list of former CSIs."
Calleigh: "But you said yes."
Eric: "Yeah. It seemed like a good chance to help people."
Calleigh: "Provided they're innocent."
Eric: "Vilanni's been right about her clients eighty percent of the time."
Calleigh: "But in this case, the suspect ran from the house covered in blood, he spent the night in the victim's bed and claims he never heard a thing. Do you honestly think he's innocent?"
Eric: "I think that we're both after the same thing- the truth." (grinning) "But I'm only here to observe. That's it." (grins more as Calleigh comes over to him and grabs her kit)
Calleigh: "Excuse me." (smiling at him over her shoulder as he starts videotaping the scene)

Calleigh: (walking to the morgue with Eric) "That explains why Zack didn't want his blood drawn."
Eric: "And why he drew me a bird's eye view of the murder."
Calleigh: "He didn't want the whole world to know his condition."
Eric: "Poor guy. The whole thing's gonna be on the six o'clock news now."
Calleigh: "Yeah." (stopping outside the morgue; turning to face him and smiling) "All right. That's it. No more observing now that your client is in the clear."
Eric: (grinning) "Right. Okay. Take care." (turns to walk away)
Calleigh: "What are you gonna do- go back to Puerto Rico?"
Eric: (turning back) "You know...I love it there but, um, I missed Miami." (looking at her intently)
Calleigh: (returning his intense gaze) "Miami missed you."
Eric: "Vilanni offered me a contract, but um...if her next client's guilty, I don't think I could live with that."
Calleigh: (thoughtfully) "Yeah. You know, I heard the state attorney's office is looking for a forensic expert."
Eric: "Talbot? All right. Good to know...I'll think about it."
Calleigh: (smiling) "See ya." (goes into the morgue)

8.14 "In the Wind"
Calleigh: (in the bedroom, straddling Eric as he checks his phone; smiling mischievously) "If you answer that, I'll kill you."
Eric: (frustrated) "It's the state's attorney's office."
Calleigh: "Use other investigators."
Eric: "I don't start for a week. It must be important." (Calleigh's phone rings) "This is Delko."
Attorney's office: (on the phone) "Yes, they need you in as soon as possible."
Calleigh: (checking her phone, then moving towards the door; whispered) "I'll make coffee."

Calleigh: (in the locker room) "Hey. You goin' to the gym?" (he grins) "About last night...I know that we keep saying that it's not gonna happen anymore..."
Eric: (grinning) "Yeah? But it keeps happening." (grin wavers a little) "Is that a bad thing?"
Calleigh: (whispered) "I don't know that we should talk about it here."
Eric: "So, what- your place or mine?" (grins as Calleigh smiles almost shyly) "Hmm." (walks away; Calleigh follows soon after with a smile on her face)

8.20 "Backfire"
Calleigh: ("to" Eric as he runs into the hospital room after Jesse and Natalia) "Hey! What're you doin' here? I thought you were in Tampa." ("following" him) "I knew you were gonna be mad that I went into that house, but you would've done the same thing."
Natalia: "Oh my God. Look at her."
Jesse: (shakes head) "She looks terrible."
Eric: "This is worse than I thought...Let's go find Horatio."
Calleigh: (confused) "That's me? Eric?" (Eric and the others leave) "Eric? Guys, what's goin' on?"
Patrick: "They can't hear you."
Calleigh: (after flashback) "Am I dying?"
Patrick: "I don't know. All I know is I see you...and you see me."

Eric: (as Calleigh flatlines) "Calleigh! Hey! Hey, c'mon! Calleigh, come on! Calleigh, come on!" (to the doctor) "You're not gonna shock her again?" (to Calleigh when she comes back) "Here you go...here you go. Look at me." (holds her face) "Look at me. It's okay. It's okay." (Calleigh starts crying)

Doctor: "Mr. Delko?"
Eric: (looking in at Calleigh) "Hey Doc. How is she doing?"
Doctor: "The smoke this morning aggravated her pre-existing lung disease."
Eric: "But why did her heart stop?"
Doctor: "We're not sure. But she responded well to the defibrillation and the medication. She'll be weak for a few hours. She may have trouble speaking, but her exam and test results are normal."
Eric: (at Calleigh's bedside) "Hi."
Calleigh: (mouthing) "Hi."
Eric: (smiling) "Don't try to speak." (Calleigh laughs) "Just relax." (looks out the window at Horatio)
Calleigh: (mouthing) "Pen." (Calleigh mimes writing)
Eric: "You wanna write something down? Okay, calm down. I'll get you a pen." (Calleigh writes and hands him the paper) "What does this mean?" (Calleigh writes response) "Okay. I'll bring it to him. Just relax." (to Horatio) "She wanted me to give you this. She said she doesn't know what it means. She dreamt it."
Horatio: (looking at the paper) "This is about the case, Eric."
Eric: "She's been here all day. That doesn't make any sense."
Horatio: "You know what? It makes perfect sense. She was first on scene. She saw something."

Eric: (to Calleigh, standing at the door of the morgue) "Hey. Babe, work will still be here tomorrow. You should be back at the hospital." (hand on her shoulder)
Calleigh: (leaning her head on his shoulder) "Yeah. You know, you've had this job before. You know sometimes there's just things you need to do." (pulls away) "It's the strangest thing, but I feel like I knew him." (sqautting next to Patrick's body) "Rest in peace." (pushes slab back into the drawer and closes the door, then walks over to Eric and goes into his arms; Eric holds her and looks to be deep in thought while Calleigh leans into him and closes her eyes)

8.21 "Meltdown"
Calleigh: (walking in) "Hey. Um, Jake told me what happened. I just wanted to stop by and let you know you don't have to worry about him."
Eric: (grinning) "Look, I'm not worried. I was...look, it's not about you and me, Calleigh. It's about the lab."
Calleigh: (smiling) "No, I meant he couldn't have taken the diamonds." (laughing)
Eric: "You're just gonna take his word?"
Calleigh: "Well, he was with me."
Eric: (hesitantly) "What do you mean, 'with you'?"
Calleigh: "I took him to the hospital, to get checked out."
Eric: "And that's it?"
Calleigh: (smiling) "Yeah. You know...it's funny, because I thought that you weren't jealous." (laughing)
Eric: "I'm not." (grinning) "I'm just, uh...I'm just curious. That's all."
Calleigh: "All right. Well, I should go because I'm tired. It's been a really long day and...I have to go home." (smiling as she backs out the door)
Eric: "Save a little something..." (grinning as she turns back to smile and laugh; grabs his coat and follows her out)

Natalia: (to a laughing Ryan and Walter) "So, still no word on those diamonds?"
Walter: "No. Gone. Thin air. Poof!" (opens locker) "Telling you guys, heads are gonna roll on this one. I guarantee it."
Ryan: (closing locker) "I've got an announcement to make: I'm not goin' out for a drink tonight. I'm too tired. I'm sick of the mishigas. I'm goi'n home and takin' a bath."
Natalia:That's too bad, 'cuz I was gonna get myself a tasty beverage at Crosby's."
Ryan: (hesitantly) "I'm in."
Walter: "Count me three."
Calleigh: (walking in with Eric) "Is five a crowd?"
Ryan: (turning) "Hey. Definitely not. This way we get to break the new guy in." (slapping Eric on the back)
Eric: (grinning) "The new guy? How about the new guy's buyin'?" (slapping Ryan back)
Walter: "Ooh!"
Calleigh: (smiling) "Ooh!"
Natalia: "You know what? I should probably beg off. Uh, stupid..."
Walter: "What? What're you talkin' about? It was your idea!"
Natalia: "I know! I forgot that I've gotta be in court tomorrow morning. I haven't even begun to look at my notes. You know...I'm gonna have to catch up to you guys another night. Sorry..."
Calleigh: "That's sad..." (smiling) "Let's go!"
Natalia: "Have one for me..."
Walter: "Have a nice night."
Natalia: "Okay." (watches as the others leave; meets Eric's eyes briefly, then walks out in the opposite direction)

8.22 "Mommy Deadest"
Calleigh: (walking into the room) "Hey."
Eric: (to someone on the phone) "Can you hold on a second?"
Calleigh: "Forgot my laptop." (grabbing her bag)
Eric: (to the person on the phone) "I'm gonna have to call you back. Thanks." (hangs up)
Calleigh: "Are you okay?"
Eric: (shuffling papers to cover his work) "Yeah. Great. Just, uh, a sea of affidavits and depos here."
Calleigh: (walking over to him) "Need me to proof something?"
Eric: "No." (grins and spins his chair around) "You're already late."
Calleigh: "It's fine." (concerned) "You seem stressed."
Eric: "No. It's just...I gotta get this to court, that's all."
Calleigh: "All right. I'm goin' right by there. You want me to take it?" (reaches for the papers; Eric reaches and takes her hand)
Eric: (standing) "It's okay. Really. Thanks." (keeps her hand in his)
Calleigh: "Okay." (kisses him) "I'll see you later."

8.23 "Time Bomb"
Eric: (on the phone) "Hey Calleigh."
Calleigh: (outside the lab) "Hey. I thought we were supposed to meet for coffee."
Eric: "Yeah. I'm sorry. I got pulled away."
Calleigh: "Oh. Really?"
Eric: "Yeah. I'm...I'm downtown about to step into court. Is...is everything okay?"
Calleigh: "Yeah. Sure."
Eric: "Okay. I'll talk to you in a bit." (driving past the lab)
Calleigh: "Okay." (sees him driving by; after following him, walking behind him) "Eric...Eric!" (Eric turns) "What are you doing?"
Eric: (walking back to her) "Calleigh, where did you come from?"
Calleigh: "Why did you lie to me?"
Eric: "I didn't lie to you."
Calleigh: (hurt) "Yes, you did."
Eric: "Calleigh, look. Can...can we not do this now?"
Calleigh: "You drove right past me at PD."
Eric: (shocked) "You followed me here?"
Calleigh: "Of course I did! You've been acting strange, and now you're lying to me!"
Eric: (looking over his shoulder, then back at her) "I'm not lying."
Calleigh: (looking behind him; seeing Nevins) "Nevins...Are you still working for the ASA?"
Eric: "I never stopped working for the state attorney's office when I came back to the lab."
Calleigh: (confused) "But you both have offices. So why are you here?"
Eric: "Calleigh..."
Calleigh: "Does this have something to do with Walter? Are you building some sort of a case against him?"
Eric: (shocked) "Wha...? No. No!"
Calleigh: "Well then are you the reason why people are getting dragged into Rebecca's office?"
Eric: "You don't know what you're talking about!"
Calleigh: "Then why don't you tell me the truth?"
Eric: "I'll explain later, okay? When there's time."
Calleigh: "Fine. Whatever works for you." (walks away)
Eric: (starts back toward Nevins; stops and turns back to catch up with Calleigh) "Calleigh. Calleigh!"
Calleigh: (car blows; running back to Eric) "Eric! Are you okay? Eric! Are you okay?" (helps him stand)

Horatio: (concerned) "What happened?"
Eric: (slightly dazed) "I was supposed to meet Nevins here. I found something big, H. I was goin' to tell her. I got into a conversation with Calleigh. If that hadn't happened, I would've been standing right next to her."

Eric: (to Natalia) "Hey. Flatbed's on the way. We'll clear the scene when it's ready for transpo."
Natalia: (quietly) "What do you know, Eric?"
Eric: "Nothing more than you do, Natalia."
Natalia: (frustrated) "C'mon. You gotta drop the act." (Walter walks up) "I mean, really. Look at this. Nevins is dead! This case has officially dropped into all of our laps, so you gotta come clean about this- about everything."
Calleigh: (walking up) "Come clean about what?"
Natalia: (looking at Eric in shock) "She deserves to know. Everyone deserves to know."
Walter: (confused) "Know what?"
Eric: (looking between Calleigh and Natalia) "Nevins. She had me wearing a wire."
Walter: "A wire?!"
Calleigh: (shocked; hurt) "You agreed to that?"
Eric: "Evidence was going missing from the lab."
Walter: (pissed off) "You were spying on us!"
Eric: "Everyone was a suspect- on the stolen diamonds, the heroin- okay? If it wasn't me, it was gonna be someone that wasn't going to protect you."
Walter: (disgusted) "You're a real hero, Delko."
Natalia: "Okay, okay. It's not as simple as it all seems."
Walter: (turing on Natalia) "And you! You knew about this the whole time?!"
Natalia: (quietly) "I'm sorry."
Walter: "Some team." (walks away)
Eric: "I was doin' it to protect you guys." (Natalia walks away)
Calleigh: (quietly) "You almost got yourself killed. How's that protecting anyone?" (long silence)
Jesse: (by the car remains) "Hey Delko. When you got a sec..." (Calleigh walks away)

Calleigh: (to Eric in the Hummer, following the bomb car's GPS) "We got backup."
Eric: (driving) "Good."
Calleigh: (pause) "So are you still wearing it?"
Eric: "No. I'm not wearing the wire."
Calleigh: (looking at him) "Are you sure?"
Eric: "Calleigh, I stopped wearing it."
Calleigh: (pause) "Cuz I don't wanna think about it."
Eric: (frustrated) "Think about what? What are you talking about?"
Calleigh: (looking at him) "Were you wearing it when we were together?" (Eric shakes his head, but stays silent) "Were you wearing the wire when we were at home?"
Eric: (stopping at their destination) "Calleigh, listen to me. I wasn't wearing the wire when we were home together."
Calleigh: (looking at the building across the street) "Hey. That's Ryan's."
Eric: (in disbelief) "The car bomb started here?"

Ryan: (to Eric after putting a cuffed Stetler in the elevator) "I'm glad you got my back, man." (shakes Eric's hand) "Thank you." (everyone else watches)

Eric: (looking at Calleigh) "It's quite a sight."
Calleigh: (looking out at the water) "That view never gets old."
Eric: (grinning) "I wasn't talkin' about the view"
Calleigh: (looks over at Eric) "Flattery will get you nowhere today." (smiling; Eric chuckles)
Eric: (seriously) "I know it's gonna take awhile to earn back your trust."
Calleigh: (looks at him, then back out at the water) "You're right about that." (smiles as Eric edges closer with a smile on his face)

8.24 "All Fall Down"
Eric: (stepping off the elevator, seeing everyone down; running to Walter) "Walt? Walter!" (trying to wake him up) "Walter! Hey...Hey!" (realizing the situation) "Calleigh..." (running through the lab) "Calleigh? Calleigh!" (finds Calleigh unconscious in Firearms; running to her) "Calleigh!" (dropping to his knees and pulling her into his arms) "Baby? Calleigh? C'mon baby, breathe! Breathe! You hear me? Calleigh please! Please!" (looking around; panicked) "Somebody? Somebody HELP!!"

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